120 volt magnetic contactor/Contactor

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(part #: 4050F)

120V Magnetic Contactor/Contactor… Definite purpose contactor. Copper conductors, thermoplastic housing, oversized silver alloy contacts, removable cover and enclosed body. Provides either low voltage protection or low voltage release. Designed with a low drop out voltage making them ideal for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration applications. Part number:4050F, Item/Manufacturer Number: 61346. Manufactured by MARS. Contactors, Centurion 2000 Class 45 Series. Sems Screws Available on 25A, 30A, and 40A Meets ARI‑780, UL, and CSA Standards Binding Head Screws Optional on 40A Class H Coil Insulation on 25‑60A Interchangeable Mounting Straight Thru Wiring Compact Size

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