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Frost Buster Features


Name brand, quality components.

The best parts make the best products!

User friendly controls and gauges.

Operating is a snap!

Three models to choose from.

The LD3015, the LD5030, and the all new LD7050!

Exclusive lever control and electric reel.

Makes rolling up the thermal hose a snap!

Awesome Accessories Available.

Optional equipment include a Remote Reel and a Frac Tank heater.

Rugged, fuel oil fired, Crown boilers.

Designed for years of trouble free service.

We build Custom Units to order!


Frost Buster Facts

Fact #1

The Frost Buster can thaw up to one foot of frost per day or cure up to 12,000 square feet, allowing you to keep your concrete and construction crews on schedule and onsite year-round.

Fact #2

The hydronic hose system heats the soil, not the air, allowing for more efficient use of fuel. Users report thawing two feet of frost in a 6,000 square foot area with only 100 gallons of fuel oil in just 48 hours.

Fact #3

The Frost Buster has been designed for contractor and rental businesses.

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